Multiroom Savage

The Multiroom GR Savage is an amplified audio matrix for 4 or 6 rooms and equal number of audio inputs that can be directed to all outputs.

With this resource, it is possible to play music in all rooms of a house and manage them through the equipment's intuitive display or through a mobile application.

New 4.3'' touch-screen display

The new version of Multirooms Savage comes with a bigger display of 4.3'' which allows easier interaction with the system. Beyond that, it also have more sensibility and better graphic design, what makes it more intuitive.​

The Savage's Multirooms IHM1240PW e IHM0840PW are the only in the market that are completely independent of home automation or external keypads. That makes it completely configurable and controlable by the display.

Multichannel Amplifier

The Savage's Multiroom also can be configured as Multichannel Amplifier.  That allows it to be used as an auxiliary amplifier for systems 5.1; 5.2; 7.1; 7.2.

Technology and Power

The Savage's Multirooms IHM1240PW e IHM0840PW combine power and audio fidelity because ir has integrated Class D power modules capable of provide 40W per channel.

The audio fidelity is assured by a sample rate of 335kHz delivering a high-end audio definition.

Connectivity and Control

The Savage's Multiroom can be controlled independently from home automation, which means that it is not necessary to have any automation system for controlling. That is because GR Savage provides smartphone applications (Android and Apple) for full control of all zone of a residence via protocol TCP/IP. By its RJ45 output, the multiroom can be connected to a home network. Beyond that, for systems with home automation, the Savage's Multiroom can be controlled also by Serial Communication via RS232. The main home automation systems in the market already have Savage's control drivers.



Amplified Audio Matrix (Multiroom) of 4 inputs and 4 stereo outputs.


Amplified Audio Matrix (Multiroom) of 6 inputs and 6 stereo outputs.

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Automation Protocol

Automation Protocol