The GR Savage is present in brazilian market since 1978 and it has become a reference on electric protection market in audio and video area. For years our products dictates the sector guidelines through constant inovations, as well as it has happened with the recent relleased portifolio of audio amplifiers and multiroom.


Initiated in 1978, GR Savage is today a company with the biggest expertise of the market in the sector where it is present. This mean a huge expertise in power conditioner and electric protection.
Recognized as the introducer of new technical concepts, dictating tendencies in products and putting new high tech solutions. G R Savage is in constant research, what results in new products and tools.
The brand's longevity and consistence is translated in reliability, punctuality and product quality. Our products can be easily recognized by it's exclusive design, assembly care and technical quality.
GR Savage is always focused in update its portfolio by observing the new tendencies and incorporating the innovative technologies in new products. Throughout the years of its history, GR Savage absorbs the concept of new technologies through internal research and incorporates in new solutions. It does that also through mechanisms of process and quality control. 

Due to the complexity and fast evolution of the technologies involved in a project, GR Savage counts on partnerships with the main Universities in technology area,. Although, the entire product development is administrated and conducted inside the company.


1978 – Initiate its activities

1980 – Launches the first electronic control stabilizer manufactured in Brazil for colour TV through Fixovolt brand.

1981 – Start your expansion by transferring its manufacturing activities to a 1000 m2 plant.

1982 – Launches the 1st voltage regulator model MC480 for computers.

1984 – it introduces in the voltage regulators market a multiple AC output jacks on a single product, MK6000 model, and becomes the first to offer this feature.

1986-Launches on the market the first low power UPS model NVT400 focused in Personal Computers with expansion of autonomy.

1991 – Expands its operations in a 3000 m2 plant, when reaches your maximum structure adopting production lines to meet the market.

1994- Initiate a restructuring process of outsourcing sectors of stamping and tooling specializing only in itself activities and projects.

2002 – Watching a deficiency of protection products audio and video market, launches a line of power conditioners and becomes precursor in this market with models CDR1500 and CDR1500SQV.

2006-Launches on Hi-Fi Show 2006 Fair Show a new line of conditioners (DMA) with designer and innovative features incorporating controls via Automation.

2008-Launches the DMA2700ds model a conditioner made especially for regions with 220 v

2010 – introduces the second generation of the DMA series with new features and technical enhancements

2013 – Updates your launching third-generation line conditioners.